Chronicle: Six Picks From That EAST Beast

The Chronicle offers “six recommendations for enjoyable stops along the two weekends of the East Austin Studio Tour.” Check out the Metal Mantis mention.

Six picks, here.

“Just a few hundred yards away from the EAST’s Canopy epicenter, this compact powerhouse of three-dimensional work features “Sculp-chur,” a group show of unique sculptures packaged to mimic retail presentation, each piece an original artwork presented as if it just came out of a snack-vending machine. The concept and the artists represented here – Colin McIntyre, Terra Goolsby, Laura Latimer, and Dana Younger, among others – are more than sufficient to recommend this venue, but. But: There’s also the mind-blowing, oversized brilliance of that permanent Paved Garden surrounding the gallery, and no better time to experience it than now[…]”