Austin Chronicle: Five Arty Things to Do This Weekend

Metal Mantis makes the Chronicle’s “Five Arty Things to Do This Weekend”

And we’re starting off with Thursday again, yes. Because we say what a weekend is: You, me, all of us – defining time and sticking it to The Man.

1) You know, maybe the King of Elfland’s Daughter shouldn’t check out the stunning new show at Dimension Gallery tonight – because of that whole thing with the fae and cold iron, right? Not a good match? But everybody else, especially anybody who enjoys witnessing the sublime brilliance that can be wrought from heated and hammered and twisted and joined lengths of metal, should make their way to the reception for “Mimicry,” Colby Brinkman’s new show at Dimension this Thursday night. The talented blacksmith does with his material what only the cleverest plants do with chlorophyll, what evolution might do, over millennia, with the exoskeletal structures of the creatures that will eventually inherit this planet.